What our Creative Director learned from YouTube personality Average Rob

After all these months, I’m finally able to explain to our management why I have been spending so much time on TikTok and YouTube. So, dear management, I was doing Research and Development. I was trying to figure out what turned Average Rob into a celebrity. Is it his Photoshop skills? His humor? The moustache perhaps? We invited him over and asked for his secret sauce. I carefully took notes, and will share the five most important takeaways with you!

Takeaway #1: ‘Dare to fall on your bakkes’

“I’ve never done a webinar livestream before, so I might do weird stuff - we’ll see!” With these words, Rob started his very first webinar. Failure is always described as 'lack of success', whereas - according to Rob - it should be 'part of success'. Only then, you give yourself the chance to learn from your mistakes ... and grow.


I’d rather fall 1,000 times on my bakkes while trying … than not doing anything, because I’m afraid to fail.

Average Rob

Rob himself switched from doing 'Photoshop encounters' with celebrities to YouTube videos without knowing for sure it would work. He also chose to do the latter in Flenglish, being fully aware that it might scare off some of his fans. All that, so he could continue doing what he loves the most: creating valuable content for his community.

Rob truly believes in failure. So firmly that if he dies, he wants this quote on his grave: “I’d rather fall 1,000 times on my bakkes while trying … than not doing anything, because I’m afraid to fail.”


Takeaway #2: Let the creative kids play

Are you working with an agency? Or with an influencer or creator? Then Rob has an important message for you: "Let the kids play!" Why? Because by controlling them and taking away their creative freedom, you won’t see their great ideas. Remember that the creative team always has the best interest for your brand and will try to create something truly funny, daring ... creative.

Creators usually have their own voice and way of working that resonates with their audience. Trying to fit them into your brand's voice will most of the time end up in a bland collaboration with less results. That’s like … a lose-lose situation! So, give creatives a playground, some toys and - most of all - let them play.

Takeaway #3: Know the unwritten rules of social media

"Social media has no rules, except for the fact that it has a shitload of unwritten rules." That’s why social media is so chaotic: there are always new updates, there are always new hypes … So, in order to create valuable content, you need to understand the platform you’re focussing on. TikTok isn’t YouTube, Instagram isn’t Twitter. A longer YouTube video offers you the opportunity to tell a story. A TikTok format like 'It’s Friday' leads to a recurring theme that puts you in the minds of people. A blogpost with a checklist works well, which is why we have created this structure here.


Social media has no rules, except for the fact that it has a shitload of unwritten rules.

Average Rob

There are so many rules you need to know and play with. So, spend time on the platforms, experiment, try and - again - 'dare to fall on your bakkes'.


Takeaway #4: Break the rules

As Picasso once said: "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." It’s not because Facebook statistics say that maximum three sentences work best that you shouldn’t try longer paragraphs. It’s not because the internet says that shorter videos work better that you shouldn’t try 15-minute videos. You need to focus on the message and the idea, and let the medium follow.

Don’t underestimate the power of talent: "Content might be king. But there’s a misconception: there’s no good content, when there’s no talent. For me, talent is king." Even if you have the best gear and the biggest budget: if you don’t have the talent to use it properly, you won’t be able to create good quality content.


Oh, and guess what? There is no fifth takeaway. Already breaking the rules here! His words really tend to action, don’t you think? Need a helping hand to start breaking the rules too? Because our creative kids are more than happy to play along!