Soothing children to sleep with Faraway Fairytale

Bedtime stories are the founding narrative of every child’s development. They also help strengthen family bonds. That’s why parents want to tell them. Even when they’re not physically next to their child. But when telling stories remotely, a part of the magic is gone. To bring the magic back, we developed a unique proof of concept: Faraway Fairytale. A web application through which everybody in the family can tell interactive bedtime stories, using their camera and custom AR hand puppets. Wherever they are.

At the core of this project is the realization that, no matter how deeply digital communication has reshaped interactions between humans, it will always come down to building relationships. So, when people are separated from their child, grandchild or sibling because of work, quarantine or other life situations, the feeling of togetherness, closeness and fun should still remain central. Reimagining bedtimes stories therefore means to restore that meaningful connection.

Telling stories (inter)face-to-face

In that regard, Faraway Fairytale connects storyteller and storytellee through a web application that each can access from their device. The interface is slightly different depending on which side of the story you are. While the child only gets to see their relative and the puppet characters, the storyteller has additional visual information at their disposal. Guiding them into offering the most optimal story-living experience for the child. 


Mastering digital puppets

Because not everyone was born a storyteller, a live text display is embedded in the screen, allowing to read the story in real time. Simultaneously, a hand-tracking software translates gestures made with fingers into likable characters of the story. The exact character that appears depends on how many fingers are raised. Using hand filters instead of face filters ensures to maintain eye contact with the little ones.


Finding brand value

The value of creating such an interactive puppet show doesn’t only lie in bridging the gap created by distance between two loved ones. Faraway Fairytale is also a valuable asset for brands aimed at a young audience that have a strong creative universe surrounding their products or services. Think of the emblematic Ronald McDonald, Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s, Kipling’s monkeys or Woody animals.

In such cases, an interactive app like Faraway Fairytale expands the spectrum of touchpoints where brands live. More importantly, it creates an even deeper connection with their mythology. Are you looking to further develop your brand identity by facilitating emotional communication among your audience? Get in touch with us and let’s develop this project together. We’re there to make it happen!