How a DXP can streamline all your digital touchpoints

Today’s customers expect customization and consistency in all interactions they have with your brand or business, be it online or offline. Providing a smooth digital experience in every brand touchpoint during the customer journey has become the standard. It’s up to companies to put customers first in order to stay relevant. And that can be hard at times, especially when you have lots of digital platforms, touchpoints and interactions to manage. Sounds familiar? Thanks to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), streamlining all of that doesn't have to be a hassle any longer!

What is a DXP?


A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an integrated software framework that takes care of a broad array of audiences across a broad array of digital touchpoints. It acts as a central platform, where you can build, deploy and continuously improve multiple integrated technologies at the same time. With the arrival of the DXP, it’s clear that the digital experience is no longer limited to lead generation exclusively. It also takes care of growing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, it’s important that this experience is consistent across all touchpoints.

Building digital relationships

Finding what they are looking for in just a matter of seconds, having the latest information at their fingertips at all times, and receiving a fast and personalized service on and offline. Customers set the bar high for marketers and your traditional CMS might not be sufficient any longer. To keep them satisfied, you need a system that supports you in building meaningful digital relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle. And that’s exactly what a DXP does! It empowers companies undergoing a deep digital transformation by bridging a gap between IT, marketing, and business. That’s right: digital is no longer just in IT's or marketing's hands, the entire business is responsible for it.



A DXP offers a suite of tools to speak and listen to customers, prospects, partners, employees, and other stakeholders. In other words, it enables you to engage in a real conversation with your audience, and that is not as simple as it might seem in today’s world. The conversation is held on a wide range of platforms: websites, e-mail, mobile apps, customer portals, social platforms, IoT devices, virtual and augmented reality devices, in-store kiosks, digital signage, POS systems ... With a DXP, you’re in control of each brand touchpoint, providing unique and personalized experiences at all times.

And, as a DXP is scalable with regard to digital platforms, it is therefore future-proof.


Providing holistic customer data

DXPs allow companies to track customer behavior at each digital touchpoint. This omnichannel approach makes sure that you can discover patterns in customer behavior. These patterns can then be translated into a personalized experience for the end user. This extends the duration of a user visiting the platform, improving the long-term relationship with the end user.

In practice

A DXP can support your business by launching e-commerce projects, building an intranet, or managing multiple sites. We, at Duke & Grace, are a big fan of Kentico Xperience. It includes strong CMS and e-commerce capabilities combined with powerful digital marketing. The upside? It’s easy to manage and create content.



For the child benefit fund Infino, we implemented a highly customized B2C website in Kentico Xperience. Since 2019, (future) parents can suddenly choose their own child benefit fund. So, Infino not only had to shift their approach from B2B to B2C, but also needed to make themselves attractive in a market in which all payout actors offer exactly the same.

With this in mind, we made the choice to build the website in Kentico Xperience, a system that is very scalable. What’s more? As Infino really wants to offer personalized content, we had to look for a system that allows complex logic but is also easily manageable by the webmaster himself. And that is something that Kentico does particularly well. But there is one more reason why we put forward the DXP instead of a simple CMS: Kentico Xperience also offers the possibility to set up marketing automation workflows, making it easy for Infino’s marketing team to manage the whole flow, from A to Z. So, we made use of Kentico’s out of the box possibilities without compromising on flexibility to meet Infino’s needs.

Could you also benefit from a centralized way to manage the customer lifecycle across all channels? Don’t hesitate to reach out!