A new era starts today.

Duke & Grace is now part of Springbok (read the press release here). To launch this exciting news we came up with the idea to project a teasing message onto 5 iconic buildings. A bold statement to warn the citizens of Ghent that the European tech scene will never be the same.

Why Ghent?

Ghent, Belgium, is establishing itself as a leading technology centre in Europe. It is gaining recognition for its advancements in the bio-technology and clean-technology industries, with a number of cutting-edge companies operating in these fields. This, coupled with a thriving startup ecosystem and a commitment to sustainability, positions Ghent as a significant player in the European technology industry.

Solid base in Ghent.

It's essential for Springbok to establish a strong foothold in the European tech capital. Together with Make Sense, we now have a solid base in Ghent. From this strong, leading position in our domestic market, we’ll be continuing our work on internationalising Springbok.

Watch the making of video of the teaser campaign below!