A short summary of our 2022. Stuff that sticks.

The end is near. Time to bring out the Christmas dinner, New Year's Eve party hats, and blog posts that summarize the year. This is one of those. In it we will tell you a bit more about our company, its people and its clients. Celebrating what we accomplished and learned and hopefully sharing some of that excitement and knowledge with you.

Let’s start with the people

As in every other business, we welcomed some great new people and had to say goodbye to some memorable colleagues. But what stayed the same was the fact that we operated as a full-service agency held together by… beer our 5 core values. 5 values that we all created, memorized and exercised while being at Duke & Grace. Corona has taught many of us that having a strong company culture is key and that sharing the same values is of course a great start. If you wish to know more about those values, click here.

We also kind of did have a lot of bonding over beer though. And wine. And non-alcoholic drinks. Many Fridays ended at the upstairs bar, and a couple of organized evenings seemed never to end. Some might still remember the fancy fair-themed party or the cozy bbq. Some probably only remember the morning after. That’s one of the many benefits of having our office in Ghent with most of our employees living nearby. You can work hard, party hard, and walk home safely. No drunk driving or staying in somewhere in Brussels. No traffic jams. Ok, maybe except for the 10min you lose at that one roundabout nearby.

On to the clients

Some clients left, many stayed and new ones came. Throughout the year we got to work for many Belgian and international brands, won several new projects, and managed multiple long-lasting accounts. There’s obviously too much to brag about which is why we’ve turned our best ones into separate cases and press releases that you can read on our website.

But this obviously couldn’t have been done without the help of all those wonderful clients. We’re in the people business and this year also proved that most people are really nice. So thank you clients for letting us be your ‘compagnon de route’ for the first or the second, third,... time. And we’re all looking forward to a sparkling 2023.

What have we learned this year?

In short: a lot!

We’ve organized multiple podcast episodes and then turned those into real-life meetups as we loved seeing you all in person.

Those meetups brought us tons of insights that we loved sharing with you. On how you should really focus on your brand strategy. Turning your brand into a friend of your customer. Ensuring that your customer sees your brand as one on every single touchpoint.

We got to experience new technology and embraced them with open arms. Such as AI in the copywriting department.

The summary in summary

2022 was an interesting year for us. We hope to share 2023 with you (again).
Have a wonderful end of the year and a sparkling new year as well.